November 23, 2008
By Allison Torsiglieri, Alpine, NJ


I have not lived long, not long at all. But I have grown to see the value in things, to appreciate the complexity of life. Envision yourself, a tiny spec in the universe. The great extent of our place in this life, in the universe and all endless space cannot be fully understood. Not anyone has the knowledge to feel the relation of our lives to the bigger picture. I cannot even express in words how I feel. The deep emotion, the power of feelings that want to burst out of me. Just imagine the world, all of its wonders. Imagine our history, all that have lived before us. The past in its entire splendor, great accomplishments and terrible mistakes, try to appreciate it. Pride or embarrassment for all we have been through. So much emotion, so much feeling can come just out of this. I guess I am too young to appreciate such little things as this. It is actually pretty weird when you come to think about it. About how much someone can change, their emotions and their understandings, over such a short time. I don’t know how I can appreciate these things, or if anyone else feels the same way. Or even if anyone can understand how I feel, I will never know. But I am writing this all down, because I cannot hold it in any longer. I think everyone needs to know how to feel this way.

Here we go…

I know why we live. We live to learn, to learn new things. We learn to feel, to touch and to embrace our feelings. To see, view landscapes, the changing of the leaves, clouds above mountain tops, a placid lake. We live to love, to love someone more than anything, more than anyone. We live in time, always moving, never stopping. We live on a path, a path that changes directions like a winding road. I live just like you and like everyone else. We live our lives as one, as one species, one race, one nation, one world. We live as people. We fight for our lives, for our chance to own time, the time of our lives. Everyone wants good times, never bad. No one likes pain, no one likes sadness. But sadness is not tangible, not something you can touch. It is an idea, a state of mind. It does not exist. Your sadness can be my happiness, and my sadness your happiness. Happiness as well, it can change as tides of a sea, coming in and out in relation to the state of mind of others. Anger and annoyance depend on tolerance and patience. It is all up to you, up to me, up to everyone, for they decide for themselves how they should feel. You cannot always be happy, for then I may always be sad. And guilt can be experienced, that weight on your shoulder, like stress or nervousness. Stress and nervousness put butterflies in your stomach, making it gurgle, making it hurt. I hate stress and nervousness more than most things. But they too can be avoided by changing the state of mind, by changing the focus of your mind. The targets on which you focus, on which you set your mind, can set your mood. Different ideas, different people, different places, they can all change your mindset and how you feel. So emotions are more variable than anything. Imagine all of the people, all of the places, all of the ideas in the world. Imagine all of the emotions, one assigned to each object. Imagine the possibilities of how you can make yourself feel, how you can make others feel. Music can change how you feel. Chords and notes and vibrations, can send sensations through you. The sounds music makes can direct your mind towards ideas, hence changing how you feel. Weather can change how you feel, physically and emotionally. Emotionally, it makes you imagine situations, instances of time, to come or not yet to come, that are connected with certain emotions. Tastes can make you feel good, but not for long. Candy tastes good, but clogs your pores, makes you sweat, gives you artificial energy. Natural food like fruits and vegetables have less density, are less filling, but still taste good, just not as good as candy. But natural foods make you feel good; make you feel clean and healthy. They make you feel energized, but not artificially.

Life is a balance. Such a perfect balance can barely be put into words. Everything you do, everything anyone does comes back to someone again. Karma, as some call it. What goes around comes around. This is true. I know it. All of life is balances, all aspects acting as one, in one life of each person. Life is fair, although many say it is not true. The grass may seem greener on the other side, but until you see the other side, you do not know how wrong you are. All humans are equal. With the balance of life, all of the ups and downs even out, maybe not at first, or even not in this life, but eventually. I know this is hard for some people to understand, because they cannot see the good in their life, or in someone else’s life. They might not understand why something has happened to them, or someone else. But everything happens for a reason. All things happen as part of the balance of life. Tragic events or great miracles in one’s life just finish off a balance, or start it off, or happen somewhere in the middle. Absurd, you might say, because no one deserves to feel pain, and no one deserves to die. You may think so, but then, tell me, does anyone deserve happiness? Balance, I tell you, is what is deserved, and what is received by all people. I cannot tell you what happens after someone dies, for I have never experienced death. But I am sure, that the balance of life extends further after we die. Depending on how we lived, our feelings after death can vary.

The author's comments:
I like coldplay

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remember this?

JecaJeca said...
on Dec. 7 2008 at 1:43 am
Allison, you are a genius. When did you write this? It's amazing! It's almost AP level. omg

on Dec. 2 2008 at 7:59 pm
i think this is an amazing piece of writing. both captivating and thoughtful...

on Dec. 2 2008 at 5:11 pm
i love this, this was amazing.

on Dec. 2 2008 at 5:05 pm
you are da bomb!

this really made me think.


asdf said...
on Nov. 29 2008 at 8:03 pm

on Nov. 29 2008 at 7:25 pm
mmm I enjoyed that it was .. refreshing lol I didn't exactly agree with the end so much though. I dont think things happen for a reason, i think when things happen people try to force reason on to them to make things more understandable, to try and hide the fact that we are just here floating around, that maybe life has no purpose other than the purpose we give it.I think people live their lives with fear because they are afraid to die, i can honestly say i'm not really afraid of anything because i'm not afraid to die (i dnt mean that in a depressing way).I sometimes relate the fear of death to people who are prejudice. Some say people who are prejudice against something it's because they don't understand, or they can't figure out the thing they are prejudice against, and theres no need to act hostile towards something you don't understand, it just shows your ignorance. I think people act the same way towards death , because they don't understand it , and they can't figure it out , they are hesitant to have anything to do with it. "I like to feel prejudice towards people who are prejudice" - Kurt Cobain

yeah thats really my sn so if you wanna talk im prob online.

on Nov. 28 2008 at 6:08 am
I LOVE IT! It's absolutely purely genius. I'm reccommending it to everyone


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