Water Concervation!

November 20, 2008
By Rasheeda Smith, Balch Springs, TX

The conservation of water is vital to our existence. According to drinktap.org each year the average american uses one-hundred twenty-seven thousand four-hundred gallons of water . Now imagine that number times a billion or more. Alot huh?
That brings us to the point of conservation. Conserving water can save thousands of gallons per person, every year. And since only three percent of the earth’ s water is fresh, this practice ensures that our planet will have a great amount of water for our use in the future.
Have you ever wondered how plants like cactus survive numerous days in the hot desert sun? Well the answer is the conservation of water. Cactus conserve water by absorbing rain through their long stems, and storing the leftover water inside of their trunks for until needed.
Without water life would cease to exist, from the largest creature down to the smallest organism. After all, water does cover over half of the earth’s surface, and our bodies alone need seven-five to eighty-five percent of water to reproduce cells that keep us healthy, and protect us from disease.
Though we as humans can go weeks without food we would die within days if not coming in contact with water. It is essential to our well being. Water also supports all the main functions in our bodies. From the digestive system to the circulatory system, even our body temperature is regulated by water.
Can you imagine not being able to move? Even the mere movement of sitting up would cause catastrophic damage to your internal organs. In the event of the absence of water which plays important part in cushioning them inside of our bodies.
The plant and animal kingdom would also disappear without the existence of water. Both kingdoms need an ample supply of water for everyday uses, such as bathing, drinking, and keeping cool. Most life would perish if it does not receive a suitable amount of water in a number of days.

Which brings me back to the point I mentioned earlier. Water is essential to life on earth, without it our planet would be as barren as the moon.

In conclusion conserving water is a serious matter. You should always make sure you turn of the faucet while brushing your teeth, and try to take less baths because every little bit helps. It is essential that everyone plays a part in insuring there is water for years to come!

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