November 7, 2008
Every teen just wants one thing. We want to leave an everlasting impression. To make a difference. We want someone, anyone, to be able to look back in time and say they made a difference to me. We want to be great. But, who gets to decide? Me? You? Parents? Teachers? Politicians? Someone? Anyone? The truth: they all will. But, they will not all agree. I would say they will not all be right but when determining greatness there is no yes or no. There is a deserving quality and the true desire for it and for others to see it in you. Or we have that same desire for just one other to see it. The good people may love it, and the bad may hate it. So where does that leave us? Everyone should have a say in what is great and what is not. But, if what we do, what we say, and what we write can make an impression on one person, one single person, isn't that great? If that one thing means the whole world to that person and it is great to them, is that not all that matters? Then the answer to who gets to decide is that one person, because only they can. If I can reach out to one person and help them to understand or to really love something, than i have got what I wanted. I will be great to that person. Then I will have greatness and have left an everlasting impression in that one person’s mind and heart, and that one mind and one heart will be great to me.

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