Judge Not

February 12, 2014
Never judge a person by how they live their life. For they are different, well-rounded and shall be accepted by their peers. Judge not, my fellow friends. For in their minds are emotions and thoughts deeper than our own existence. That is why some of us are not famous or social. We are afraid of these thoughts and emotions. But once the world hears what we've got to say, we are credited with our true purpose. Contribute to the lives around you for the better and be yourself. Do this, and people will judge less. Notice: judge less. Not judge-less. If you want to change the world, you must first change yourself. Forgive your enemies, and love yourself. Be kind to one another, and take life day by day. What you do now will affect you later. So stay smart, and do the right thing. Stand up for one another, and reward yourself often. It is the smaller moments that make the bigger moments and the true thought that counts.

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