Being Your Own

February 6, 2014
Dear Teen Ink,

I believe teens should have the privilege to wear whatever they please to school. I don’t believe there should be any rules to what we can and can’t wear. If I want to wear a hat to school, I want to wear it knowing that I’m not going to get in trouble. Or be told to take it off. I have heard many other teens believe this rule is dumb, and I feel the same way.

Think of this, you come to school wearing a band tee-shirt for a the band you like (example: Bring Me The Horizon) and there is maybe, blood on the shirt. Or a “bad word” and you're told to take it off/change out of it. How would you feel? Angry? Sad? Will you feel like you're being controlled? I sure do! I want to be able to dress the way I want to, and not be judged or told to change. I found a debate stating whether we should have a dress code or not. Seventy-six percent of kids voted no, that we shouldn’t have a dress code or be told what we should wear. Only 24% of people who voted, said yes that schools should have a dress code. We should take this into consideration. Its a proven fact that kids, and teens work better when they are comfortable. It could be that you come to school in clean pajamas or in a pair of ripped up jeans and a band tee, with a hat on. A lot of what teens wear expresses their personality and what they believe in. It also has to with independence, teens pick out what they want to wear. Which means, they like it. If they like it and they are wearing it, what does it matter to you?

If you’re confident in what you wear, and you like it, wear it! Don’t let anyone stand in your way. Be who you are. For some people clothes expresses who they are. If you believe in this too, stand up, because I can guarantee you are not the only one.



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