None is as blind as the man who does not wish to see.

February 9, 2014
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We all are born as an innocent soul who is unaware of the world around us. We are innocent and yet we could also be called ignorant.

Ignorance is bliss. I am probably not the only one who wishes sometimes to go back to the days where we were “innocent”; back to the days where everything seemed right in the world and we had no problems. We didn’t have to worry about money or people or school or work. The only thing that we had to “worry” about was what outfit Barbie was going to where next or which Action Figure was going to win in the next fight. Childhood is a very blissfully ignorant time.

Would we really want to be sheltered and hidden from the truth of the real world though? At times I would probably answer yes, but the thing is, we have to know the bad to know the good. We have to see the sun to recognize the dark. We have to feel the cold to take comfort in the warmth. So should we rather live in ignorance/”innocence” and not experience the true beauty?

So as we go through our lives always complaining and whining about all the bad stuff that happens to us all, and yes we all have our demons, let’s take a moment to notice the good. Take a moment to soak up the warm sun and feel the cool breeze. Take a moment to make a person smile and help them deal with their own troubles. In turn it will help us and let us see the beauty in this world; a beauty we would not understand if we chose not to appreciate all the worlds wonders. A beauty we would not recognize if we wished to be “blind”, because none is as blind as the man who does not wish to see.

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