November 4, 2008
By Jacob Bejarano, Roswell, NM

*Go Vote* Today we make history tomorrow is the mystery, who will win?

Will we change for better or worse no one knows yet what the U.S. does hold and just with today

we will all change leave the faith in the voters yes and the midnight promoters to get the votes

In its time for change how will the world build & rearrange what Bush messed up it'll never be enough time in 8yrs to undo

what he did but we can't give up do what's best for us we have everything to lose so much to gain

Its so sad we got so much ignorance & racism the time has come to mark & change your history books....

Obama is here to change & calm your fears, and with his promise of no nightmares as long as he's near.

From the old to the young he's been where I been time & time again the true Maverick

& ya he's slick no lies & just so you know there's no Joe unless its Biden.

McCain & Pailin are the M&M twins very nutty and no brains we had that so long & look where it left us. Bring back America... !!GOBAMA!

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Sunshine said...
on Nov. 10 2008 at 5:16 pm


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