9/11 Finding Truth in The Lie

October 30, 2008
By Josh Abels, Ft. Recovery, OH

7:59 AM American Airlines Flight 11 is cleared for takeoff. 8:14 AM United Airlines Flight 175 is cleared for takeoff. 8:20 AM American Airlines Flight 77 is cleared for takeoff. 8:42 AM United Airlines Flight 93 is cleared for takeoff.
I was only ten, not much of the whole wide world affected my own little life. On September 11, 2001 I was in school and my teacher turned on the TV and the news showed us a burning tower. Even as children we knew the damage this had caused, many people had died and countless lives changed for the dramatically worse. We then saw the second tower get hit, a little tremor of fear and loathing swept through all of us. When the TV told us “America is under attack,” we all understood. For seven years I have been saddened by our barbaric world of terrorism and war. I steadily came to question the reason for our war and the real reason so many have lost their lives. Oil is the reason for our nations’ bloodshed; this war is for securing our oil supply, nothing more. This war is out of our government’s control and the actions of those in charge sicken me, they have no plan to change their tactics or stop this madness. The government has been sending our people into the mouth of hell for far too long, so when will this cycle end?
8:46:40 AM – World Trade Center Building 1, the north tower, is hit by American Airlines Flight 11.

The official government explanations of the events of 9/11 have been subject to quite a bit of criticism. There are said to be facts changed, lies told and truths covered, to benefit whom? The official explanation to many seemingly impossible and uniquely strange events is far less than satisfactory. The more logical explanations weaved together by witnesses, bystanders and skeptics have been subject to scrutiny as well. The simplistic government analysis fails to satisfy the curiosity and imaginations of skeptics; who’s carefully calibrated, highly refined theories, fall just as that to many, theories.

9:03:11 AM – World Trade Center Building 2, the south tower, is hit by United Airlines Flight 175.

Among the most widely accepted conspiracy theories of 9/11, in the conspiracy world, is the idea of the government knowing about the attack before the events took place. Many theories hypothesize that the government was responsible for the attacks or closely tied or that the government simply stood down and let the events take place. Whether or not the government was involved, the lack of response was astounding. They say they were shocked by the attacks and were unorganized. The government agrees that they did not appropriately respond to the tragedy. Donald Rumsfeld said under oath “I had no idea hijacked airliners would be used as weapons.” What Rumsfeld said is very contradictory to the evidence. On October 24, 2000, a mass casualty drill was practiced at the Pentagon. The scenario was an airplane crashing into their headquarters. The only part of the building that was reinforced against such an attack was the part that was hit on 9/11. On the very day of the tragedy itself, NORAD was operating war games that involved hijacked airliners crashing into government buildings including the White House. The initial reports of a hijacking were possibly misconstrued as a part these exercises. When American Airliners 11 hit the north tower it should have been known that this was not a test and confusion is no longer an excuse.
9:37:46 AM – American Airlines Flight 77 hits the Pentagon.

Many among the conspiracy world will reject Osama Bin Laden’s involvement with 9/11. The government promised a report that would directly link and incriminate Bin Laden; no such report has been made. Saddam Hussein was not a part of the 9/11 tragedy yet the attack was our trigger for invasion. The war in Iraq against terror and those who support it, to shut down weapons of mass destruction production, these are our plastic cover-up reasons, the excuses to give to the people. The real reason for our presence in the Middle East is oil, black gold. The plans to attack Iraq and Afghanistan were in the works before 2001, the reason we want stability in the Middle Eastern countries is to have a stable oil resource. This fight for the worlds oil supply will survive side by side with the “War on Terror” indefinitely.

10:03:11 AM – United Airlines Flight 93 crashes in a field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania.

The events of September 11th, 2001 were a catastrophe upon our entire nation, an attack on every American, to our hearts and our minds. The afterglow of 9/11 is still prominent with our presence in Iraq and the number of dead due to this one day is still growing. In the midst of the unfolding events many stood still, when they heard “America is under attack,” their hearts skipped a beat. The strange actions of our government, the lack of response along with the absence of answers to important questions, have brought conspiracy to the rise. Until the government can clearly represent their failures, lies and cover-ups the truth will continue to be sought by those who won’t rest with half of the truth, or an indirect answer. The truth may be something far beyond what the government has told us, they have the power to change the facts and hide their flaws.

2,998 dead and 6,291 injured.

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This was a peice for my english class.

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Sunny said...
on Nov. 14 2008 at 10:45 pm
You got it! The truth right there! Write on, my American brother.


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