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Online Friendship - Latest Norm of The Century

January 16, 2014
By TrishDestiny PLATINUM, Jerantut , Pahang, Other
TrishDestiny PLATINUM, Jerantut , Pahang, Other
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I don't want to end up simply having visited this world.”

During these days when evolution emerged from the clearwater of globalisation, a vast number of thing begun to transform themselve drastically and swiftly, especially in the term of ways we observe ourselves and the way we communicate. In this fast-moving world, everbody knew what Facebook is and Tumblr seems to making its way as teen's most favoured micro blogging sites. Today, when a Facebook account is a must for the most of the teen even for the geeks, our social circle had been transform thoroughtly compared than what it used to be. Gone are the days when gatherings, parties , cafetarias or orientation are must -go places to widen our social friends, today is the day when the world spin faster than ever and internet is the most relevant mechanism to find new friends or even better, bff , as to say. The internet itself had been always a worldwide plattform for individuals to forging relationship with peoples whom share the same interests .
Online connection is undeniably, is the most relevant mechanism to expand our social circles whether in real life or merely for online friends searching purpose nowadays, mostly due to the convenient boarderless access all around the clock to internet connection. Friendster, Facebook , Twitter or Myspace, name it - who the heck doesn't know those socializing platforms nowadays? Even the grannies next door are aware of this contagious epidemic nowadays! Almost everybody knew how to handle a smartphone, type an email or snapchat, all millenias knew that. Undoubtedly, internet is the most contagious outbreaks have been a seriously one of the most greatest happening nowadays. ( No Wonder Facebook was enlisted for Noble Prize). Internet connecting peoples, all around this globes, regardless wherever they are- long lost mother found her child via Facebook, Ashley Benson and Lucy Hale, (Yes she starred in Pretty Little Liars ) met on Myspace when she was 15 and dating sites connect soulmates - what more could we deduce from online connection other than it had created a way different dimension for us to be connected to others peoples without having to step out of our doors?
In this new age of Millennias, we may find it hard to talk to stranger in real life, don't believe it? Try it yourself and talk to a stranger you met down the streets. Admit it, we don't even have much quality time with our loves ones, whatsoever strangers. Everything is moving in such a hasty speed, even our walking pace and indeed we are deem to be disconnected from almost most of the people walking around us, passing through us each there and we aren't aware of. True enough, online friendship might not provide beneficial relationship compare to real life friendship, but one way another , online friends are not to substitute offline friends, wheareas they are made to fill in the gap offline friends can't. Think it again, in real life we are usually unable to talk or discuss about particular things due to a number of reason - one of it is we are fear of what he or she might deduce later in their mind, it could also because we are afraid of misunderstood but hey! - what if there are other peoples who shared the same problems as we are? Thanks to internet, the greatest invention of the century. Nowadays, we can connect to peoples even thousand miles away wherever they are by logging into social medias like Facebook, Myspace or even Friendster, thus we can make friends with liked-minds peoples whom share the same interest. Furthermore, we can also bring up some matters we don't usually talk about in real life to our friends thus give us more secured feelings.
Online friends can bring both pros and cons since sometimes, people can be real fake online, some guys are hipocrite enough to be someone they don't. Yes, anonimity is another bonus package included online, we can talk off and nobody would figure out our real profile, we could probably stalk someone and take the role just like 'A' in Pretty Little Liars , then hiding in the shade of anonimity. According to the datas, more than 20 million twitter accounts online are fakes! They could be just anonymous or having mutiple account for different purpose or portraying different personality on each account. Indeed people's minds were locked tighter than Pentagon, as their intentions are still unknown, thus we might as well to take advance precautions not to reveal sensitive information while chatting with online friends, especially friends we just met. On the other hand, its better to label friends you just know as acquintances rather than friends. Just like grading stuff, you can always amend them to friends, then close friend and so on. By taking this step, we could tune into our awareness more seriously rather than just bumped into shocked relationship. Moreover, friendships are supposed to be gaining more strength that make it stronger over times, as to say - Rom wasn't build in a day. On the other hand, anonimity thingy could lead to harm amongst cyberspace netizens, since undoubtedly some stalkers could easily intimidate peoples by harrasing them and bullying them without the victims to be aware of his or her real profile in real life. However, on the bright side optimum anonimity acts similarly to tinted screen where we can protect ourselves from unwanted stalkers and by not revealing adequate important relevant information to others, that could also prevent ourselves being ''sell out'' to much to strangers , (remember what we use to told when we are child? Never talk to strangers) Stay still, anonymity is similar to double blades, it contained both harms and safety.
In conclusion, is cybersafe a safe place for us to live in? Well, of course not. Cyberspace can be fun and there's a lot to be frenzied about. Of course social medias were ranked among the most going destination online, indeed online friendship is a wonderful one. There's a lot people we can met, comprised from different background, various countries and differ culture, some reckon them as 'travelling friends' since we should have a lots of potential to meet them eyes to eyes wherever we visit countries. On my opinion, searching for friends online is indeed a great experience and of course i have found my friend online too, who knows that we might even bumped into a future best friend on Facebook?

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