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December 9, 2013
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The article “My Father’s Name is #3022” by Jack S. instantly captured my attention. Describing a person by a number is used in several cases, but this one was the most surprising. S. explained extremely well about his particular situation to the reader and made them crave for more. I found myself actively reading, wanting to know more and more about this since I never had any experience with it. Throughout the article, I was shocked, surprised, and curious about how it is like having a sperm donor for a father. The part that was the most insightful to me was how Jack compared himself to a car which showed the troubles he had went through knowing he was conceived from a sperm donation. Jack’s writing was wonderful and the reader could visualize everything he had to go through. All of his troubles, such as wondering who his father is, were very well written and allowed the reader to really feel his pain about not having a father. When Jack heard his father’s voice on the tape, the reader could hear it with him and felt his conflicted emotions. “My Father’s Name is #3022” was a great nonfiction piece to read and gave me a new look on the world.

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