No Props on Proposition 8

October 25, 2008
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To put it simply, Proposition 8 is nothing more than an underhanded attempt at gaining legal permission to discriminate against homosexuals. It eliminates legalization of same-sex marriages in California despite the fact that same-sex marriages have been legalized by the state Supreme Court in a 4-3 vote just this May. Proposition 8 will in no way “protect marriage” as its supporters claim—it will create a divided society in which freedom is unequally given to citizens.

Proposition 8 supporters claim that a marriage is not legitimate unless it is between a man and a woman because procreation will not happen otherwise. This definition of marriage is an insult to marriage itself because marriage is not for the sole purpose of procreation and if it was, any couple unable to conceive a child would be prohibited to marry. As this is clearly not the case, it is valid to say that marriage can exist without the production of a child. An inability to reproduce without the help of a third person does not change the meaning of marriage at all, but Proposition 8 does. It places restrictions on marriage and stresses it as a religious ceremony instead of a ceremony between two people who are fully committed to each other.

Many supporters are worried about the fact that their children will be taught that homosexuality is normal if Proposition 8 is not passed. Though children will be taught that homosexuality is just as normal as heterosexuality in school, this is not a subject of concern. Homosexuality is not “contagious” and will not negatively affect their children. These biased views derive from a lack of knowledge about homosexuality and are taken too seriously. Any worries are unfounded; embracing the reality of same-sex marriages will not cause any harm to society.
Though it may seem to be a religious ceremony to some, marriage is open to those of all beliefs. Marriage is not a right that belongs to a certain religious group or a certain group of citizens who have the ability to produce offspring. It is a right that should be open to all citizens, and Proposition 8 takes that right away. In fact, on October 5th, Father Geoffrey Farrow admitted to his Roman Catholic attendants in Fresno that he is homosexual and opposes Proposition 8. After making his remark, he was ordered to stay away from all church communities that he had worked with, and lost both his salary and benefits. Considering his 23 years of dedicated work as a priest, Farrow was brushed away rather quickly without a second thought. The rash decision made on behalf of St. Paul Newman Center is clear evidence of the unfair treatment placed against homosexuals. There is a line that separates marriage from religion, but in the eyes of Proposition 8 supporters, the two have somehow become intertwined to the point where religious members cannot express their personal views for fear that they will contradict the church.
Marriage between a man and a woman is undeniably “traditional,” but that is not to say that traditions must remain unchanged forever. There comes a time when change is needed so that society can grow and develop. Same-sex marriages will not do any harm to society and changes need to be made to comply with modern civilization. This societal advancement can only take place by voting NO on Proposition 8.

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bre said...
Mar. 22, 2009 at 6:37 pm
The word gay has two meanings. Both meanings fit they are just happily married people
iluvjustingriceu? said...
Nov. 6, 2008 at 12:47 am
i agree and sunshine u r so right i cant beleive it either!
Sunshine said...
Nov. 1, 2008 at 3:15 pm
Oh wow! With 2 wars, an economic crisis, and health care problems, at home, plus the troubles abroad, how can anyone think stopping "gay marriage" is a priority?
crzyflyngmnkeys said...
Oct. 28, 2008 at 11:22 pm
i totally aggree with your view on this disturbing proposition
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