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October 23, 2008
By Yazzy B SILVER, Arlington, Virginia
Yazzy B SILVER, Arlington, Virginia
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They sit like gods on their pedestals and are treated like spoiled dogs. Excuse for sounding cynical, I don’t hate them and it’s not as drastic as it seems, I merely loathe their society. With their dire need for attention and regulations for social acceptance, it’s unbearable to me. It’s so intolerable that when I’m surrounded by them I am terribly uncomfortable; it’s as if I stepped into an episode of The Hills or Beverly Hills 90210. Their superficiality is demeaning to the word “friends.”
I am of the rebellious sort in our high school culture, thus the clique cliché is disheartening. Having lived in various places filled with a mass amount of ethnicities, I’m not used to the whole “status quo.” Sometimes I cannot understand why they complain when their lives are so simple and easy.
“My college money is a hundred dollars less because of…but I have my scholarships but it’s like oh my god…” or “Oh my gosh like he is so ugh…I’m going to cry.” Shall I go on?
Let’s take a step in my shoes, I have to wrestle for a scholarship and dance till my feet fall off to get into a college and they’re complaining? Allow me to be judgment for the time being because even though I do not the full details of their lives but I know enough to say they have it much better off.

I have this urge to walk into school one day looking like them acting like them being them, to shake things up a bit. Can I help it? I’ll be the Malcolm X and hold up the Nation of Islam and they can be Jim Crow. I can’t change the system, but they can, we can, not saying that we should (wink, wink). But the structure’s messed up, why is it even necessary? Back in the day we were segregated by race, now what we’re segregated by preference of style by choice?
Their titles as gods should be removed, they’re only human.

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bre said...
on Mar. 22 2009 at 6:45 pm
i agree completely most in my school are prissy all they do is complain about thier parents not letting them do things

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