October 22, 2008
By Dane Jorgensen, Dell Rapids, SD

Inventions have come a long way since they first started at the beginning of time. Constantly things are being invented. Everything is a new invention at sometime. To me, the best invention ever made in the history of the universe is music.

Not very many inventions have evolved as music has. Nor have many inventions been nearly as diverse as music is today. Music is almost everywhere. People who say that they don’t like music probably don’t realize exactly how often they hear music. Getting in your car with the radio on is likely playing some type of the many diverse types of music. Walking through a department store, there is music being played over the intercom. People running, riding bikes, skating, or just hanging out with an iPod or mp3 player is listening to music. Even birds chirping sounds like songs sometimes. Granted I do get annoyed with them after a while if there song is too loud or sung too early in the morning, but I feel that it is impossible to say that you hate music. Music has so many identities that you can’t say that you don’t like music as a general statement, because more than likely there is some type of music that you do like.

If there is no music that you like, I would say you live a relatively sad life. I can’t imagine my life without music in it. Music could also be considered a drug. Classical music helps many people fall asleep or relax, and hard rock music can get athletes “pumped up” for a big game. Music is also used in hospitals for children. After my sister’s surgery in Rochester, MN, the nurse told us we could put on some music for her to listen to, even though she was so intoxicated that she wouldn’t remember it in a few months, or even a few minutes.

When I have a hard time in my life, I often turn to music on my iPod or even music that I create myself on my guitar or any other musical instrument that I play, or music played by my sister or anybody else. Music is also one way of expressing one’s self. Music is an escape, or a way to get out, that is not even remotely close to being harmful. I myself have used music as an escape from stress numerous times. I do not know even one negative side to music. Unless the music you listen to is Satanic or provokes harmful behavior such as self harm, homicidal tendencies, or drug use.

Music with explicit content, depending on what is explicit, could definitely be dangerous in the wrong hands. Much of the song content is potentially dangerous, if not illegal. I know that there is a lot of music with crude or inappropriate material making up the lyrics, but this is still a subdivision of music, so just another way to exemplify the fact that it is impossible to hate music in general.

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