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October 22, 2008
By Zach Graham, Douglasville, GA

Have you ever sat down and watched TV with your parents and the show mentions something so profane, it makes the whole experience awkward? Then, the next morning, your parents tell you that you are not allowed to view the program anymore. Sucks, doesn’t it? Well, imagine a world when all the TV programs are willed with language, violence, sex and drugs. Well, in a matter of a year it will be like that.
Censorship has been around ever since the entertainment business began. Some of the first songs to be censored were “Wham Bam, Thank You Ma’am” by Dean Martin and “Five or Four Times” by Dottie O’Brien. Now a days, songs and television are censored with a bleep, but there are some songs and movies that are banned from public viewing all together, including almost every Rage against the Machine song in existence and any movie involving excessive nudity or violence.
In the last year, television and radio has been going through a lot of changes, as you’ve probably noticed, censorship has been getting less strict, and very soon it will get even less strict. Right now as you read this essay, congress is considering passing a bill allowing nudity to be shown on public television, NUDITY! They have already let them get away with language to corrupt the minds of this generation, but nudity will make it worse! Also, for radio, they are thinking about letting up all restrictions! There are songs that don’t belong on the radio!
Of course though, there are some things that don’t need as much censorship as here is. Like on the academy awards, if you watch the uncensored version, it’s not bad at all, maybe there was just an a-word. Also things like idiot, butt, crap, and heck are all censored in must television programs. I side with the people who believe there is too much censorship in public broadcasting on this matter.
Finally, there are some things that are just not appropriate for TV and radio. But there are some things that are censored too much. I firmly believe that overall there is not enough censorship here in America. I also believe that I’d rather have too much than not enough. And for further things that are coming up in the future, I would personally would go to war to keep these awful things from appearing on a TV screen. BUT I also see the other side of the argument in which case the parents SHOULD set the parental controls on the television. BUT the fact is that they don’t. AND the RIAA doesn’t have enough information out there for parents to make a decision about what there children watch.
So, in conclusion, we’ll just have to find a happy medium. Until then though, if a program is inappropriate, just don’t watch it! The more time you watch, the more money they make.

The author's comments:
Hey, I'm Zach Graham and i'm an aspiring film directer. I killed a man. To check some of mine and my freinds videos go to Remember, I KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE!!!!!!

This article is about censorship in America and how it's going down the crap hole. I hope after reading this you will change your opinions on censorship.

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on Nov. 3 2008 at 4:35 am
I agree that censorship isn't very good lately. One T.V. show. Family Guy. That alone is enough to make T.V. ridiculous, and it's enough to influence most of the people I know into cursing, trash-comedy, and prejudice. Without censorship, to many people will be influenced negatively, and it would make T.V. difficult. Also keep in mind that a lot of T.V.'s DON'T have parental controls. lol, and many parents won't set them. Even if parental controls are there, why have to use them? Anyways, I'm babbling again. I like your article. Kudos.


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