If i were President

October 22, 2008
Take yourself back to when a teenager was growing up in the 70’s, things weren’t exactly perfect. But wasn’t a child’s life pretty much based around sports, school, fun and family? Well sadly enough, children and teenagers today have a different story to tell. They have to worry about peer pressures such as popularity, drugs, alcohol, sex and violence in their everyday environment.

I myself cannot do anything about this, but the president, however, can. If I were president, I would begin making the environment a more drug free place to be by adding more than just one red ribbon week in the school’s criteria. All of the speakers, demonstrations, activities, recognition, and concentration kids have during this period are very helpful to all kids. Because it teaches us about the hazards and gives us facts about all prescription and illegal drugs. Also it lets the students interact in the activities, so that we get a feel of what things are like.

Another way I would try and improve the environment for children and teens is to have an open counseling department of the school that is entirely about drug, alcohol, and physical abuse in the children and teens. At school and in their home lives. A lot of children have very terrible lives at home, but they don’t know that they have anyone to talk to. By making this available for all children and teenagers that go to school this could really show some progress in grades, and personality.

These days families are getting ruined, babies are being born with birth defects, young girls and teenagers are getting pregnant, and children are getting in to gang and violence all because of lack of attention from parents, and drug and alcohol abuse. If we could stop the drug and alcohol abuse then most of these things would probably get a whole lot better.

So if I were president, the world would hopefully become a much safer and child friendly place for everyone to live, then people would not be afraid of what they are bringing they’re new family member into once a baby is born.

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