Make Believe Cycle

October 20, 2008
We have all lost some of our innocence ,or so we believe. We were only truly innocent when we were children who believed in the tooth fairy or Santa Claus. And yes we all did believe at one point in time. The nights of waiting and the excitement of it all will never be forgotten.

It's the nights staying up past bed time waiting for the fat jolly man that i now yearn for. I long for the days of tossing and turning and hoping to catch a glimpse at Santa Claus. That rush of adrenaline you get when you woke up in the morning and made your way towards the Christmas tree. And the way your face lit up with shock as soon as you saw the presents underneath it. Every single year you were astounded by the magical immortal jolly man who gave you gifts for your hard work during the year.

When it came to losing teeth no child could be happier. As soon as the tooth came out we would all run to our parents and brag about it. To this day I don't know what possessed me to be so proud of having one less tooth. Either way your parents would always keep it in a safe place until you were ready to go to sleep. On that particular night you decided to go to sleep just a little bit earlier. So excited to put that little tooth underneath your pillow. Falling sound asleep the next morning you find money. It was like magic. No matter what the time, you would run to wake up your parents with the good news of your new found wealth. Like routine they would always smile and act shocked and you would go on your way satisfied with the tooth fairy.

Although believing in that was very fun no one should lose anything if you find out the truth. If anything when finding out that Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy aren't real be ecstatic. To know that the mystical creatures that I looked up to and practically worshiped were really my parents was one of the best experiences. To know that all of those presents underneath the tree were from my parents, or that whenever I got a shiny quarter underneath my pillow it was them too. You begin to realize that it isn't innocence that you are losing but more and more love and respect for your parents. More than you thought possible to the point where you think they are perfect. To be honest they almost are, they care for you and love you giving everything they can to keep you happy and safe.

One day we'll all get to repeat this cycle. Letting our kids have their fun with mythical creatures while we all sit back and watch. Then when the time is right we too ,like our parents, will get the thank yous for every gift and every quarter. For now we wait and worship our heroes, who quite frankly never did change.

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Liquidorange said...
Oct. 31, 2008 at 2:13 am
This is sweet. I quite liked it. keep up the good work
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