Laptops in School

October 20, 2008
Quality and speed are things that people these days want when doing school work. Schools need things like organization, neatness, speed and quality to work properly. These traits are simple to receive, but they come in many different forms. There is one thing that has these all of these traits put into one and that is the wonderful creation called the laptop.
Laptops are used in every day society and make things easier because they are legible and provide a faster way of research. Just imagine what a school would be like if it ran just like a business company. It would be fast, cunning, and very productive. Yeah some people might not know how to use certain software properly, but if teachers gave tutorials as a part of their lesson the computer’s speed sound make up for lost time.
Not only would laptops be fast, but they would pay for themselves. To purchase them, the school could start a fundraiser and get a loan from the bank. It may seem idiotic but imagine all of the money the school would save if they did not have to buy regular school supplies like paper, pencils, textbooks, etc. the laptops are also environmentally friendly. Like I said before, we would not be using paper as often so we would not be killing as many trees. School budgets could go up and the school could afford to do more.
Keeping track of info is also one of the laptops jobs in today’s society. Laptops can hold a hard copy of the year’s notes and documents saved, but since the school would be keeping the laptops, you could use a portable saving device. This way, teachers could check your work faster. Another method of sharing work would be E-mail. The School could start a system like the E-mail addresses the teachers have for students and we could share our work that way.
The truth is, laptops in school could accelerate the student’s speed of work and how fast he gets things done by about 100 percent. That is twice as fast as the average student could get things done without a laptop. Even as I type this paper I realize that if I had to write it out by hand it would take me a couple of hours, but with this computer, it is only taking me a matter of minutes. Students who like to have fun at home could finish projects and papers at school and still have time for family and fun.
It is not just about the student here, it’s about the future of today’s education and the world. A computer friendly environment is a happy environment, and that is what we need. Tomorrow is a new day and we all want to get the most we can out of that day. In conclusion, I would like to say that laptops in school would be very effective and be a large part of tomorrow’s society.

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GG m8 said...
Feb. 1, 2016 at 1:54 am
in my school we all get mac book pros and all kids do is game so...
kola said...
Jun. 3, 2011 at 1:24 pm
i agree we should have laptops cept it cool
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