Do teachers give to much homework?

October 20, 2008
Staying up until 10:30 doing homework is not how a teenager wants to spend their Friday night! Teenagers want to have lives outside of school not involving homework. Would you rather go skating or do homework on an Friday night?
Statistics shows kids who have more homework have a harder night sleep. A doctor in L.A. tested two kids; one who had between three and four hors of homework every night, and one who did between fifteen and thirty minutes of homework every night. The one who had more homework had a harder night sleep and didn’t do as well in school as thee other one. Dr. Meeker said that homework was actually unhealthy if you had more than an hour of it every night.
I have a step-sister who is only three weeks younger than me and is also in 8th grade. Her name is Megan and she lives in GA. Ever since we started middle school almost every weekend she has a project to work on. She only has a little time to get to do other stuff on the weekends. Usually she stays up until 11:00pm or 12:00am on Sunday nights trying to wrap up the project. Megan is always stressed out about it and has to work instead of having fun and chillin’ on the weekends. She also has about two to three hours of homework every night.
So as a thirteen year old I hate homework. Kids should be able to come home from school and have lives outside of school to just be kids. So the question do teachers give too much homework is definitely true.

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