Political Opportunities or Popularity Contests?

October 20, 2008
The class elections, superlative elections, and homecoming court elections in our middle schools are often governed by the caste system of popularity that exists in the school, year after year. These distractions stir up drama, cause arguments, and sometimes destroy friendships.

These “political opportunities” are not worth the stress and hurt feelings that come with them. They also distract the students (voters and candidates) from focusing on their school work. When the middle school students run against each other, they tend to become competitive, forming arguments between them.

Student candidates run because they want something fun to do. While the student voters are left uninformed, forcing them to vote while relying on the social status of the candidates. This creates a popularity contest in every class election, superlative election, and homecoming court election in middle schools everywhere. If it is not enough that the students become involved with these popularity contests, so do the teacher and parents, who have no idea of the confusion they are creating while organizing these “friendly competitions.” But these elections are often far from friendly, and have no place in our middle schools.

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lovethelifeyoulive said...
Dec. 15, 2010 at 5:09 pm
Agreed! (for the most part) Although, I don't think Student Council should be banned, I think the school system should come up with a more appropriate way of determining the winners. For example, a speech on a matter involving the school. Good article! 
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