What I want For Christmas

November 27, 2013
By Anonymous

Normally, I don’t really think about how fortune I am. If I even think about that sort of thing at all, I think, “Oh my gosh! I am SO starving! I wish that the Thai food would just hurry up and GET HERE!I’m soooo unlucky” That is really not the thing to be complaining about. I have been thinking recently that everything is way too material. I mean, I just blew $40 on a new pair of boots and thought nothing of it. I get an allowance every month. My parents pay for my phone, and really most of my life.

I really need to get over myself! I mean, when I think that I’m unfortunate because some guy doesn’t like me, or because I have to pay a fine on my library book, there are actual people that have actual problems. It only costs, like $35 to feed a child in Africa for a month! That’s about how much the top I’ve been drooling over at Anthropologie costs (And it’s on sale…)

So that’s why this year, along with asking for some presents for me, I ma going to ask for some things to help other people, because there are a TON of people who have way less the I do, and I really want to pass on my good luck. Because honestly? It could just as easily be me.

The author's comments:
Check out:

for really cool gifts that actually help other people! It's a really cool website, and people like having helped someone way more then the Starbucks gift card.

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GreyGirl ELITE said...
on Dec. 8 2013 at 10:34 pm
GreyGirl ELITE, Pohang,Kyungbuk, Other
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This has a good sentiment, but the writing could be refined. Try reducing slangy terms such as "like" and "ima" to polish your writing. Also, ALL CAPS is generally not necessary in proffesional writing. Good for you, though for trying to do the right thing! Have a happy holiday :)


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