Whats your path?

October 10, 2008
By Kyle Caplinger, Colorado Springs, CO

Life is not an easy thing to get through, and there are in my opinion there are two roads that we walk through. There is the short easy road and the long hard road. A lot of teens think it is cool to go down the short and easy road, which is to follow everything everyone else does. But you have to remember you are not everyone else, and when you try to be people you are not your life does not go the way your life should go. I know this through experience.

I spent my whole life trying to be some one I am not and I wish I would never have done that. I was smoking and drinking, so that I would fit in with my so-called friends who would not accept me for who I was. Damaged me in the long run and I ended up in a RTC (residential treatment center), and my life was changed forever.

I began running from the problems I was faced with. I was not safe and was out of control. I made everyone around me mad or annoyed. I was purposely pushing people away from me so that I could be alone. I could say I was afraid of the world, but that would be a lie. I was more attention seeking, trying to make people have me on their mind all the time. I really loved the feeling of being the center of attention. It made me feel more important than any body around me. When some one was getting more attention than I was it was outside my box. My box was small and had only my world in it. When someone did something outside the box it was so different from what I wanted it to be I became enraged, scared, and unable to function the right way for it was outside my world.
There once was a wise man who told me that I need to be more outside the box and that I need to accept the fact that some people will have more then I will and that they are simply who they are, and I cant let that slow me down. One reason why I would attention seek was because a lot of people gave me a lot of negative attention in school, either by provoking me into a fight and cheering it on, or by just simply making fun of me because they knew that it could get to me.

Over all what I am explaining is that life is not easy if you’re doing the right thing. It is vary hard to make the right decisions and follow through with them.

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