Family Tradition Shouldn't Have To Change

November 16, 2013
Why is it that company don’t care about the tradition of families anymore? It seems like they all say, “Family friendly” or “We care about your family,” but how many of them actually mean it?

Today, while preparing for a dinner party, I stumbled upon an old family recipe for a dessert my grandma used to make. I decided it would be lovely to have at the meal. I wrote a list of things I needed from the store and asked my mother she could get what I needed. She returned shortly thereafter with everything I had requested. I began to make the dessert when I noticed the size of one of the pudding packages. It wasn’t the same size the recipe called for. This was disappointing. I had to ask my mother to return to the store and pick up yet another package of pudding so that I could make the dessert.

These days, most companies try to make a quick profit by making smaller packages and selling them for the same price. Little do they know that this method is messing up sacred family recipes from generations ago. My own family has recipes that call for a can of cranberries not 16oz of them. Some places have tried to keep their sizes the same but struggle to make a profit due to competitors pricing.

The world is changing fast. Sometimes so fast you can’t keep up with it. There is one thing that shouldn’t change. One thing that we shouldn’t let change. Family Tradition.

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