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Randomness in my brain

October 16, 2008
By mar jones, La Serena, ZZ

Whatever comes to my mind (it makes sense to me).
Sitting here wondering what to write, for I feel the urgent need to write right now. It’s relaxing. Writing helps me think and create. Maybe I’m not that talented, but I enjoy writing and sharing stuff with friends. I’ve writing many a stories and books, but I haven’t finished any of them. I just stop, I simply can’t end it. The ending to a story is crucial, and, personally I think it is better not to end a story at all. Or if you have to, end it like a chapter, assuring the readers (and yourself) that the characters’ life continues, leaving one to think up what happens later on in their life.
Just like I like writing, I also like to sing. I’m can sing on tune, so when I sing it isn’t a horrible sound. But I don’t like to sing in public, I mean, why would I want to get up with thousands of people looking at you, just waiting for you to make a mistake? So I just sing to myself, or many times sing to my sister just to annoy her (I also sing of tune on purpose, to bother her even more).
My very friend, who is the unique, one and only Walex, is an amazing artist who knows how to captivate a feeling or message in everyone of her drawings. She has that artistic talent that I don’t have. Dude, her doodles are better than my masterpieces!! One day I’m going to steal one her masterpieces and put it on display in a museum. Then the whole world will see her talent.
I just put some music on. “Man of the hour” by Pearl Jam. I love that song ^^. It’s definitely a bitter sweet song. It makes you sad and/or happy. Like for example, once I listened to this very song and it made my eyes fill with tears. Other times, such as now, it relaxes me and makes me feel serene.
I just thought of a poem, wait let me remember and I’ll write it down right now…never mind, I lost it. Probably is somewhere in my unconscious mind 
(8) I wanna rock and roll all night!!!! (8)…love that song. It just randomly came to mind, don’t know why. Maybe I’m crazy. Cool, huh?
You know what? It would be so cool to be able to work with people with personality problems or behavior disorders, don’t know why, I just think it would be interesting to see the different kinds of people, and there different way of seeing things. This leads me to another question: what is normal??
Who determines what is normal?? How do they know what’s normal?? Maybe everyone is insane, just some people more than others…
(to be continued)

The author's comments:
this was an experiment that i did a few months ago. I was supposed to write whatever came to my mind, no matter how absurd it sounded.
ill send in better writtings later =)

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