Glamorous Putrescence

October 13, 2008
By Danielle Ransom, Flower Mound, TX

What makes me mad? Hollywood. Hollywood and those who inhabit it. It’s not just the people, but everything; the culture and the events and the attitudes towards it. First of all: celebrity gossip. If I take time to watch the news, why do I—instead of education on world events—get bombarded by Extra’s exclusive footage of some celeb’s wedding. Who. Cares. A lot of America, that’s who. But WHY?! It makes no sense! People get married and divorced and have kids and die and go to rehab and do generally stupid things. EVERY DAY. EVERYWHERE. Why should we care if someone in Hollywood does it? The whole idea of ‘celebrities’ is annoying. They’re just people with a job, and a rather low-skill-level job at that. The only difference between Johnny Depp and an accountant is that half the nation’s population of teenage girls (and some boys) think he’s the Aphrodite incarnate.

Second of all, the money—just look at the ridiculous things Hollywood does with money! It’s beyond frivolous! Aside from the multiple mansions and face lifts and various other private money burnings of individual Hollywood-types, lets take a look at award shows alone. How many millions and billions are thrown away every year so that celebrities can get dolled up (in attire worth an average family’s annual income) and congregate and be catered to like the demigods America reveres them as? Why should such funding be spent just to spoil the people up to their rhinoplasty-perfected noses in cash and fame? It’s ridiculous that such a gross amount of American money goes toward entertainment medias such as Hollywood.

Thirdly—Celebrities as ‘role models’. Kids are growing up not only influenced by whoever Disney hurls into the spotlight, but seeing them as heroes, role models, someone to emulate. So what happens when these kiddy actors and actresses grow up and get into all of the nasty business—al la Lindsay Lohan and the Olsen twins—that Hollywood always draws them to? Even less dramatic than that—though just as much an issue—what about the characters they play? If a kid looks up to an actor who plays characters with attitude or disdain for authority, guess what the kid is learning is ‘cool’ to do? Since when is being a movie star the most heroic aspiration anyway? What about doctors, scientists, firemen, teachers? Is Orlando Bloom going to help you when your appendix ruptures or your house is ablaze? Not likely. But lets even go back to the basics; to the people without whom we couldn’t have our precious modern conveniences. What about the construction workers, sanitation engineers, plumbers, trashmen, mailmen, janitors? Just because the jobs they do are the ones that the average citizen doesn’t want to do, they’re considered lowly. But why should they be?! They’re necessary. They’re important. Why is hard work devalued in the face of lifelong luxury, frivolity, and entitlement? Such ethics are the downfall of this society.

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