Barack Obama And John McCain

October 13, 2008
By david garcia, Olympia, WA

The 2008 presidential candidates are the two senators Barack Obama from Illinois and John McCain from Arizona. Both candidates have many plans for America and for a better and more efficient economy. I believe Obama has more to offer and is more ready to become the president of the United States of America. A president has many duties including making treaties with foreign countries, declaring war, vetoing laws, and many other important jobs. I think Obama can do all these duties and be organized at the same time.

Barack Obama was born august 4 1961 in Honolulu, Hawaii. When Obama was a young boy his father went to study at Harvard University leaving his mom and young Obama in Hawaii. After some years his parents got divorced because of the long distance between them. His mom remarried with an Indonesian guy named Lolo. They moved to Indonesia and that is where his sister was born. Obama moved back to Hawaii and went to a good prep school. Although during high school he experimented with drugs Barack got his grades up and stopped doing drugs to his advantage because he got accepted to Harvard. Obama studied hard and has done many great things including helped kids who were in gangs, became the first black president of the Harvard law review journal, and he became an intern. After becoming an intern his career jumped and he became an Illinois senator. Barack Obama also received 2 Grammy awards for the two books that he wrote about racism and also about his life. He has been a great influence to many young and old people.

On the other hand the other presidential nominee John McCain was born and raised as a navy brat born in the Panama Canal area. His father and grandfather were 4 star admirals in the navy. John McCain is 72 and many interesting things have happened during his life. As a child john went to a boarding school in Virginia. While growing up he rebelled against school, drank, smoked, and was some sort of a “playboy”. Finally he met Carol in 1965 and soon got married to her. After having his first daughter Sydney he got enrolled into the navy and went off to naval academy. McCain barely graduated because he had one of the worst graduating grades in his class but he made it and got shipped to Vietnam. As a pilot in the navy McCain received a highly dangerous bombing mission in Hanoi. He got shot down and had to make a fast ejection in the plane. McCain landed unconscious and was badly beaten by the villagers. The Vietnam military put McCain in the surrounding prison where he got no medical attention and became very ill. Finally John McCain signed a paper that claimed that he was a war criminal and 5 ½ years later he was released back to the U.S. Again McCain returned to his “playboy” ways and carol got fed up of it. They got a divorce but soon after McCain got remarried to a rich woman from Arizona named Cindy. They had a child and shortly after that moved to Arizona were John first ran for congress and then for state senate. While McCain was a senator him and 4 other senators were accused of stopping an investigation of a big fraud. For 2 years they were investigated and interviewed but finally they said John McCain was not guilty. Later on in his life John McCain ran for President against George Bush but dropped out early into the race.

As the 2008 elections get closer everything in politics is getting personal and ruff. Accusations are being made and so are comments about how the two candidates will make America better and what they have planned. Polls have said that Obama is almost certain by many electoral votes. The only way for McCain to win is to win all of the battleground states that are left including Florida and Ohio. I really hope that the polls are right and Obama wins because although McCain was in the navy and is very smart Obama has more knowledge of how to treat the economy right now since it is crashing. Also Obama thinks that the war in Iraq was a mistake to get into which is a wise belief. McCain is more about war and destruction. While Obama is more into healthcare, better life for Americans, taxes, the economy, and having change for the good for everyone!

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