Olympic Ages

October 10, 2008
By Lexi Weddington, Andover, KS

I believe that all the Olympic ages should be lowered to fourteen, if not done already. I do have reasons why, fourteens year olds have raw talent. Not to mention teenagers need a chance to shine and give it all they got. In addition teenagers are so limited these days.

Fourteen year olds have raw talent; however the Chinese were questioned was because they were doing well with younger, more talented athletes. If the Chinese is doing this, why not us too? Many studies show that the younger is better because they have more flexibility and have the chance to change bad habits at an early stage.

A further example is teens need a chance. Being in the Olympics will show them responsibility, dependability and show them how it will be in the real word. This will also show them how to be independent. Not to mention that they can prove that if they set their mind to a competitive and complicated obstacle they can do it!

My last example is fourteen year olds are so limited these days. The people who limit us is the government and our parents not to mention almost every grown up in the world. Only some Olympic ages are turned to fourteen but those are for specific events like swimming. Another way fourteen year olds are limited is driving. You can only drive with a parent and a permit.

There a several examples I can give you but it all comes down to what you think. Also the people of the World. Will this happen? Maybe someday but I still believe that all of the Olympic ages should be fourteen that way it is fair. Thank you for taking the time to read this paper.

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kasket5221 said...
on Oct. 22 2008 at 8:37 pm
This article has many good points on why the minimum Olympic competition age should be 14. I feel that if a younger child has the talent to compete with older people, they should definitely be given the chance to. Many young children have amazing talents. Getting them into the Olympics at a younger age will give them more experience under the pressure, and give them more confidence for the next years that they go to the Olympics.


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