An Amazing Teammate

October 10, 2008
Yeah! They won the game by a last second three-pointer. It was going to be difficult to win against a team with two players with scholarships to prestigious universities, but they won by using their secret weapon. Their secret weapon is superb teamwork made by fantastic teammates. A great teammate is someone who is respectful to others, encourages their other team players, and is willing to work to become a more skilled player.

First, the base of building a great team is finding teammates who are respectful to their coaches and their peers on their team. To support this, a respectful player helps either create a strong foundation for winning, or if not respectful, they could be the bulldozer for demolishing a team’s chance for success. A respectful teammate is someone who is willing to work with anyone and accepts every player’s strengths and weaknesses. For example, a teammate who is in basketball is not a ball hog and who will pass the ball to a player who may not be the best on the floor, shows respect towards his peers on the team. Similar, on a basketball team in third grade there was a kid who was nice to everyone and even though he was one of the best players on the team, he always passed the ball to others and never put himself before the team. Although his team lost every game that year, he would never complain and never blamed the loss on teammates even if at times they were the cause of the loss. The next block to building a strong team is encouragement toward others.

Second, the self-esteem of the team’s players needs support from encouraging teammates. To endorse this, an encouraging teammate is someone who supports the players on their team, no matter if the encouraged players are more or less sufficient members of the team. An example of this is someone who is on a baseball team who is supports his teammates when they are up to bat and tells them that it is alright and you will make it next time. Similarly, in cross-country a particular runner never placed and finished close to last. However, while he was sprinting on his last strides his running mates would cheer him on encouraging him not to slow down and to keep going. Once he finished, his teammates would high-five him and told him that he did amazing, although he never felt like it. His teammates helped build his self-esteem. Without them, he may not have continued to compete with the team. The last step in a strong teammate is someone who has commitment to the team and is willing to work to become an asset to the team.

Last, to finish up the construction of a good team, you need a player who is willing to work to become better. An example of this is a peer who is not lazy and really wants to become a greater key to the game. They are willing to overcome any obstacles they face and be a stronger part of their team. For instance, when many teens play football for the first time, they may not tackle as effective as players who have been playing football for a while. But they learn from their coaches and their teammates and try to gain more respect from their peers on the team. Likewise, in track there was a kid who was not the best hurdler at first. He wanted though to try to make A-team, so he kept trying in practice and everyday did hurdles and eventually made A-team in hurdles. All of these characteristics are what needed for success in having an amazing teammate.

In conclusion, a good teammate is someone who is respectful to his teammates and accepts them for who they are. They encourage you and will not stop supporting you in the game. And they work hard and not trying their best is not an option for them. So a great teammate needs respect towards others, encouragement, and hard work to give your team an edge. The coach was so happy that their team won with their teamwork by amazing teammates.

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