Myspace Safety

October 9, 2008
By Anonymous

Pre-teens and teens not only hang out at places like the mall and the movies but now a days, the popular hangout spot is sitting in a chair in front of the computer playing on a website called This is a website for men and women 17 are older to chat with their friends and find relationships. About 54 million users join MySpace every three year and approximately 19% of those users are under age. Even though you can set your MySpace page on private, there are ways for other people to find out your information and you could possibly get hurt. I think MySpace is a pleasurable website and it is okay for pre-teens and teen to have a chance to explore it, but MySpace should also give more safety options and make it more comfortable in order to make MySpace enjoyable.
MySpace should provide the option for anyone to sign up to be a spy. This job would entitle that particular spy to listen to your friends conversations and report to MySpace if you find someone insulting or threatening your friends. This would stop that person from frightening your friend. Your friend would feel safer and so would you.
Users must ask if they could be your friends and that request must be approved by you before that user can see your profile. Sometimes people approve those requests before actually knowing who those people are and other times you think you know who the person is but you actually don’t. There should be a questionnaire created personally by you for other users to answer, so when you have a friend request you can read that survey and then decide if you want to add them as your friend.
When trying to join MySpace, you have to share personal information for example your email, last name, state, date of birth, etc. This information is not particularly needed to create an account. Unless you wanted to give it out, your personal information is yours to keep. MySpace should not make you add that information to join or make you put it on you profile page. If you wanted to add it, you should have the right.
If all of these safety concerns occurred, MySpace would be a safer place to explore and chat with your friends. More people would have an account and you could have more enjoyment. It’s your choice to have a MySpace, so it should all be very safe and fun at all times.

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