Strawberry Life

October 9, 2008
In one of my classes at school, we were reading this book called "Seedfolks". Each chapter of the book is another person that joined a garden in the city and the book is showing how the group of people used the garden to come together as a community. After we'd finished reading the book, we had to do this project where each of the kids in my class made their own chapter in our own seedfolks book. When we were at the computer lab, at first I was really confused about the assignment. So I just started writing some background information about me. I wrote how strawberries (the fruits I was growing in our make believe garden) we kind of like me. Both of us have a really vivid red color encasing what lies within us. After more talk about how strawberries and I are alike, I ended the paragraph saying "There's nothing like the taste of a freshly picked batch of strawberries. You have to savor every bite and always remember that life could taste that good if we give it time to ripen." I sat there for a moment, thinking about the phrase I'd just typed. It was really deep, to me anyway. That's when I realized that the quote was actually very true. Life can taste sweet, juicy, and grand if we just give it the time and nurturing it needs. If you give a strawberry water and sunlight, it will grow big and ripe. If in your life you show love and how much you care, it all effects the output of everyday. Stawberries make a good metaphor for getting through life.

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