Biggest Impact

October 8, 2008
By Noah Saragoza, Marietta, GA

There are many types and classes of people in the world, successful, unsuccessful, rich, poor, popular, unpopular, etc, etc. Think of how or where you would classify yourself, and also think of how other people would classify you. Think of how the type of person you are classified will benefit, or has benefited you. Now think of the famous and successful people that are most commonly know in the world. How did they get to the place they are now?

Many Celebrities and Millionaires started out living the good life, but there are those select people who started out living in a mediocre or poor life style. Those people found a talent or interest inside them that they were proud of and made that work for them, that's how those people rose to the top, and fell into the preferred lifestyle.

The majority of successful people in society today are people who are educated, the smart people who used acquired knowledge to their advantage. Not all successful people are smart, there are those who don't have a good education and still make a name and life for themselves. Those are the select people, they can come from every branch and twig of the tree of classification in society. Those people have the "Biggest Impact" on the world and society that we live in. They could be Doctors working on a cure to a disease, or a writer just trying to entertain their readers.

People today only look at how someone looks, acts, dresses, and who they hang-out with, to determine if they are someone they would like to be seen with. But in early life the people you may know to be geeks or nerds, may turn out to become more successful than the people who shunned them from their social groups.

In conclusion anyone can impact the way we live in the modern world with even the slightest great idea. So before you go out to make new friends, think of every person you meet as more than just a person, think of them as a person who could have the next Biggest Impact on the way we live in the modern world.

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