My Perfect Small Town Friday Night

October 8, 2008
By Andy Thompson, Fairmount, ND

Twenty years ago high school football was a way of life for many small towns across this country. It was known to many as a pride issue. Shop clerks would close down early and fans would dress up in their team’s colors and cheer the night away. Now we have only been playing high school football for a few years but we know the bigger the crowd the bigger the game. So why is it that small towns have drifted away from this long lost tradition?

Our opinion: The world is trying to move so fast around us all, and we are trying to keep up, and in doing so we have lost that sense of pride we once had back when life was simple. Yes, when life was simple. It seems to us that nowadays life is too complicated and everything is run on computers or from a cell phone. It’s like the modern age has set a pace, and we are all sprinting to keep up. Pride, happiness, and hard work are three things that make our small towns big. So would it be too much to ask for a piece of that pride back?

Our goal: Our goal is to try to convince the community that it is possible. Now we’re not saying that everyone needs to show up, but just think about how nice it might be to experience what we players can every Friday night when we strap up to play. See, we got the rest of our lives to worry about everything, but for at least forty-eight minutes a week it’s up to us to make our coaches, family, friends, and community proud. It’s our forty-eight minutes to shine like stars. Now wouldn’t it be nice for you to have that same heart pounding feeling we get? So, I urge you to maybe someday give it a shot. Come out and support your team, and let’s try to restore some pride back into our towns.

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