Reason to tell someone you love them

October 25, 2013
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There was girl…
She was in love with a boy, they never took notice in themselves, till the boy and his friends were at school. The girl and her friends were just normally laughing at their jokes as always. It was as always, those same boring Monday mornings, the boy, who was 15, was only with one of his friends, who didn’t notice what or who he was staring at. The girl, who was 16 stopped. She looked to the hallway where the boy stood/ she didn’t smile, blush, or move. Neither did the boy. They just stared at each other. nothing else. She liked the boy, but never took notice in him as if it was his first time which wasn’t. She didn’t take him off her mind. Days passes they always stared at each other never spoke to each other. but the boy was developing a crush on her. As well was the girl. She always looked at him when he see her, or the boy at the girl. Her friends never took notice in that; neither did the boy’s friends they never knew he stared at someone but they always would try to hoop him up with another girl he didn’t like who they’d think was his crush. The boy kept dreaming about the girl, so did the girl about the boy. She had crushes on other boys but this crush was more than a crush to her. She wanted to talk to him but never had the courage. It was almost summer, they both never had the courage to talk to each other, but because the boy was somewhat part of the popular crew, the girl… not so much. She always hung out with the people who were labeled things, she had a nice heart she sacrificed her friendship for her friends rather than getting to know the guy…she was getting closer to leaving… never knowing the guy. She say all her old crushes except for him. The boy asked her friends where the girl had gone. All her friends said was she’s not coming back to this school. Then the boy regreted for never talking to her. The girl had a bunch of trouble adjusting to her new school, she got bullied a lot. And then went to home school. She dreamt of the boy but never got to meet him… one night she stayed up late praying to god, to let her see him one more time. She went to sleep
The next day she got up she wasn’t herself, she was different now she found no reason to live no more. She started cutting herself out of depression, and started to see everything negative. She got ready and went the grocery store with her mom no knew she was in depression. She sat down ready to leave the store. Her mom drove home when she turned just because she felt someone staring at her she turned. There stood the boy she loved. Yes, her like grew to love. She just looked at him, no movement. So did the boy. They stared at each other for the very last time. She just wanted to see him one last time. She prayed and prayed and god gave her, her wish. Time passed she thought to herself. If I pray to god every day for him Will he give me the chance to be with him? She did as though never again did she see the boy. She kept looking up to the sky.. wishing on shooting stars, wishing to god, asking him to let her see him but she said “ one last time” meaning no more times… she cried herself to sleep, the boy was somehow important to her. She just wanted to see him. Who knows why,

She lost it. She didn’t look up to the daylight. When guys would stare at her she just knew she wanted the boy even if her never knew she wanted someone to hear her but she never said a sound. She made friends, new ones, she made crushes, but she never forgot that boy.. she just saw him that one last time and that was all she remembered. She still wishes on stars, on god, and hopes to see him.

If you think your way too young to love someone your wrong. This girl fell in love with someone, and so did that boy. She believes it’s a reason why god won’t let her see him but also believes god might have him for her in her future love story.

Remember if you love someone. Tell them before you get separated forever if you love someone don’t wait till the last minute. She loved him lost him and they both regret not telling each other.

You’re never too young to love. Tell her/him before you lose them. Remember to always love and never hide it.

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