Obama-Biden to the White House

October 6, 2008
Obama-Biden to the White House

The presidential election of the year of 2008 is less than a month away. So far, all the campaigns, conventions, and debates have been historical. No matter who wins – John McCain or Barack Obama – this election will surely be remembered by many. Even though both candidates have many great plans and ideas for their carrier at the white house, I believe Obama will be a better president than McCain.

To begin with, McCain’s idea about the Iraq War is very aggressive. He believes it is important to continue the war until the Iraq government is capable of governing itself. I think he should know better about how wars can hurt people after having gone through many in his military carrier. On the other hand, Obama is planning to retreat as soon as possible. He believes that fighting a war without an end doesn’t make the United States any safer. I think peace will work better than anything, including brute strength.

Furthermore, McCain’s idea about energy is reckless. He is thinking of digging up Alaska. He didn’t say so himself, but he wanted “the federal government to lift these restrictions and to put our own reserves to use,” meaning Alaska and its oil. He wants to use up all the oil we have left before looking for a better solution for energy. On the contrary, Obama has precise plans for both short-term and long-term. For short term, he will stop the oil companies from taking advantage from the Americans and give $500 to an individual and $1,000 to a married couple. For long-term, he will put funds into research in making cleaner and more resourceful energy. I believe Alaska should be left along with all its beautiful landscapes and we need to find a new resource soon enough. It isn’t something to be delayed.

Moreover, McCain’s idea of homeland security is gathering reliable information regardless of anyone’s privacy. I know preventing terrorist attacks are very important, but people’s privacy rights are important too. Obama fully understands this. One of his key points in technology is “Safeguarding of Everyone’s Right to Privacy.” I believe strengthening out national security is enough to stop terrorist attacks. Attacking Americans’ privacy rights aren’t a necessity.

Finally, even though Obama and McCain agree on many things and they both have many good points, I believe Obama will be the better president. I think Obama is very thoughtful and serious about the issues in United States and his ideas fit the generation. Let Obama-Biden go to the White House!

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