One Day

October 5, 2008
There once was a pretty little unicorn galloping around the meadow gaily but oh yonder here comes a fair maiden awaiting to be rescued by a prince, guarded by a terrible three headed monster. Where in the name of life did this come from? Oh yes a little thing we call imagination!
A glorious gift only some could possibly use to the fullest. We have come to love fables, not just but fairytales. But was it really all imagination? What an imagination to come up with such fantastic creatures and wonderful names, or were there real live beasts that once walked the planet, lived and breathed the fresh air, drank the cool clear water. Did they really exist like elephants, birds and dogs do?
Can we just not see back far enough to tell? Suspicious questions, Locked answers waiting to be revealed. Fairytales, imagination, truth, life. One day oh one magnificent day we will release all those answers locked away for so so long. Can we wait? Will we all be gone by then? Questions, questions, questions but oh were, oh were could those beautiful answers be?

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