The South

September 1, 2013
By Wallypenguin PLATINUM, Brunswick, Georgia
Wallypenguin PLATINUM, Brunswick, Georgia
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The South. Many call it home, many call t hot, but how exactly is it different from other areas of the country. Well, for one thing, we sure do talk funny. You can’t find anybody saying ya’ll in any other part of the country unless they a) moved from the South or b) are making fun of it. Another difference is the food. A huge part of our heritage here is that good old fashioned soul food like your grandma makes. We have sweet tea, fried chicken, and barbeque unlike any other part of the country has ever known.

Some may say that the South includes Florida, and yes this is true when you speak geographicaly; however, Florida isn’t really part of “The South”. To establish the boundary of the South, you need to put away your map and engage your mind. You have to think about the dialect, food, people, and general culture of the South to get an undersanding of the region’s boundary. In my opinion, the South is every state that succeded from the union except for Florida.

Obviously the South is becoming more like the rest of of the United states. We follow popular trends and music, but we always have our culture. Even though we are just as technologicaly advanced and powerful as the rest of the regions (them Yankees included) we will never be completely like the rest of the U.S.

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