September 30, 2008
By InBlu5131994 BRONZE, Marion, Ohio
InBlu5131994 BRONZE, Marion, Ohio
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"True beauty is hard to come by, but intelligence is rarer then a baby pigeon."


Lest it be brought on by an act of praise , or because someone made you mad. It's there, waiting to take over the second you slip up.
It's what can keep you up in the middle of the night, pondering why and how you feel it. Wondering what you did you desever such a feeling. You'll feel like your the only person feeling like that...ever....if your lucky.
Or, you could be like the small population of people, who are just like you, and in turn look around. Seeing other people's emotions, you realize that your not the only one feeling that way, but it doesn't make you feel any better. It makes you feel sick, seeing such a proud race of creautres being over-come a petty thing.
....Maybe in truth, the world would be better without anger,sadness,happiness and whatever else we feel. Yet without these feelings of hatred and joy......Do we lose or gain our humanity?

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