Justice For 9-11 Rescue Workers

October 3, 2008
By Anonymous

Should there be any question that September 11th rescue workers deserve health care? Apparently the American Government seems to think so. By now it’s a very obvious fact that the dusty toxic air and rubble that once covered Ground Zero and surrounding areas is not as safe as once believed. The health problems that some Ground Zero rescue workers face are various breathing problems including asthma that can be attributed to breathing in the toxins from the rubble of the collapsed World Trade Center towers; as well as mental health problems such as depression and post–traumatic stress disorder. These problems drastically affect these workers to the point where many of them cannot function in everyday activities. Workers who have experienced breathing problems find themselves short of breath after doing simple activities such as walking up stairs or playing with their children. Depression and post-traumatic stress disorder have led some workers to succumb to the use of recreational drugs and alcohol.

This problem must not go ignored anymore. It is imperative that the James Zadroga bill be passed. The bill was named after James Zadroga, a former detective with the NYPD who died from brain and lung damage that was directly linked to his work at Ground Zero by a New Jersey medical examiner. Paying for the for the treatment of any one who has suffered the effects of the toxic cloud at Ground Zero be it workers, residents, or volunteers, is one of the issues that September 11th workers face that the bill hopes to bring aid to. The bill would also require the federal government to collect data about and research the extent and severity of World Trade Center related illness as well as re-opening the September 11th Victim Compensation Fund. If the government fails to pass this bill, has the terrorism on September 11, 2001 stopped that day or do they continue even now, seven years later?

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