New Media – Breaking or Making Connections.

August 28, 2013
By TheAnonymousKid BRONZE, Delhi, Other
TheAnonymousKid BRONZE, Delhi, Other
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Communication, according to the dictionary, is the exchange of information and ideas from one person to another.
Communication back in olden times was through carrier pigeons, later came the telegram and letter service and now we have the most advanced and sophisticated communication service which were only a dream back then. And that’s why there’s no amazement that the 163 year old telegram service of India is finally dead now. Televisions, radios, cell phones, computers are the new telegram service of our generation. Communicating has never been this easy before.
We can now communicate just by sitting on our little comfortable thrones at home. Unlike the time when we had to go to post office and die waiting for a reply to come. Today, international calls are almost free, talking face-to-face from two different corners of the world is just a piece of cake , people can now work together from different locations of the world and still work efficiently, they can start social movements right at the click of the mouse and get news at lightning speed.
People are getting married with the help of this new media, they can find people of the same interests and enhance their creativity, communicate with people of extremely different cultures and backgrounds, they can reunite with family and friends, and learn about the world in a whole new way.
In this world of evolution, we’re not just restricted to connecting with the human race, but we’re also trying to communicate with the extraterrestrial life through satellites. So don’t get spooked if in the near future aliens actually call us to talk about universal issues.
So now I would like to ask my opponents, how can anything which has made the world come closer like never before, ever break connections? Don’t you yourself use these means of communication? And I know that the answer to this question cannot be a “no”. Now you may say that the use of media is affecting the real life connection among people and that it’s not always a safe option. But I say that everything has a solution. If you think that media is cutting the connection between you and your real life, ruduce its use. If you think that talking through social networking sites are dangerous, there’re privacy settings on mostly all social networking sites and texting apps so all users can hide personal information they don’t want others to see.
Media connects us to the world. We can gain information and knowledge in the most interactive way possible. It has made life easier and steadier. Life cannot be this better.
And now I would like to conclude my speech by saying that everything has its pros and cons and it just depends on the person how he or she uses the resource they are provided with. But according to me, the benefits of new media heavily outweigh the disbenefits. And the world is wise enough to differentiate between right and wrong, that’s why billions of people use this resource to communicate.
Thank you.

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