The Kind Of Person We Are

August 22, 2013
By laurenlevi SILVER, Brooklyn, New York
laurenlevi SILVER, Brooklyn, New York
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The Kind of Person We Are

The kind of person one is depends not solely on one factor, yet on two factors that inevitably clash. What feelings and what actions the individual performs are the outcomes of both external influence and inheritance at birth. As one grows and comes to obtain a better grasp on which traits he/she would prefer to exhibit and acquire, and which actions he/she chooses to execute, he/she is unconsciously tainting the purity from where they originated.

This piece, “The Kind of Person We Are”, enlightened me to an entirely different perception of who I am. As the ineluctable fate of maturity progressed on myself, my eyes sophisticated and were beginning to convert the extravaganza of which we call life, into ideas, perceptions, and eventually morals of which I would incorporate into my own endeavors. This inescapable cycle of mental maturation is the polluter of my once pristine aspirations, ideals, morals, and perceptions.

Circular, capable of sight, and embedded in my countenance, are the jewel instruments that seduce and pervert all of the occurrences of whom they scrutinize. The eyes as physical entities are a phenomenon. However, metaphysically, the eyes are the mind’s glasses, which provide unclouded and direct view of life’s interactions. Unclouded, and direct yet selective are these glasses. In a state of inferior mental maturity, the spectacles of life are oblivious to the delights of perversion and discrimination. A new set of eyes, eyes that of a child, see all and excise nothing. Thus, the eyes of a child dispatch pure visions to the mind, allowing the brain to conjure and evoke uninfluenced thoughts and perceptions. When mentally mature, this quintessential while deviant flow between the influenced eyes and mind, is the external influence that inevitably clashes with the second, yet not secondary, factor of the kind of person we are.

Inheritance at birth of predetermined feelings, and reactions towards individual instances are an aspect and factor that remain in each individual for their eternity. The influence of these predestined sensitivities can trounce and vanquish the influence of the eyes. These implanted influencers are powerful yet hidden. They are positioned in the unconscious part of our mind and lay hidden and sheltered from the contaminated visions that the eyes are sending. However, on occasion, the veiled warriors soar from the unconscious lair and triumph the ignorantly adulterated visions from the eyes. They utilize the tactic of Guerilla Warfare to bombard the infected sights with their advantage of preordained dominance. On these victorious occasions the ancient and dormant purity erupts, aiding to usurp the natural nefariousness of the eyes.

The definition of the kind of person we are is composed of all the compiled battles that were won by either the predestined notions or the twisted visions, and by the actions of which are committed due to such victories. These two major influences are forever, and will forever remain in constant warfare. However, the spectacles of life and the fated warriors of the unconscious create a certain balance. The spectacles offer a view of reality to the naïve, virtuous and primitive warriors. The warriors of the unconscious stabilize the alluring, execrable, and enveloping power of the crooked observations. Deprivation of either of the elements would result in an offset of the balance and would leave the individual without choice of the kind of person he/she aspires to be. Thus, in result of this equilibrium, each individual has the opportunity to portray the kind of person he/she wants to be through uncontrolled, and balanced thoughts and actions. The balance grants the individual free will.

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