Prejudice is Ignorance

September 26, 2008
Throughout history, we see that everyone who isn’t a Caucasian male has had to bear the burden of prejudice. Anyone who was different from them in any way possible was treated poorly in order for these white men to feel in power. These feelings are still around today because we don’t want to learn about other cultures or we are scared. I believe that the best way to get rid of prejudice is to educate everyone about the different cultures and people in our world. That is why I am writing, and that is why I hope you will read.

America is the wealthiest country in the world for one simple reason: years of free labor. Most of this free labor was provided to us by Africans who were forced from their home to work in a strange new world. Our economy was first developed on the backs of black people, and the way they were thanked was by treating them worse than coon dogs. Slavery was horrible for the Africans, and later African Americans who were born into slavery. After the Civil War and African Americans were given freedom, the lives of colored people got worse in some ways because of unfair discrimination. Southern Caucasian men were scared that African Americans would gain political power, and made the infamous Jim Crow Laws. These laws restricted African Americans lives, and were used to scare blacks from doing claiming any of their rights. When a black person was accused of a crime, the accused rarely received a fair trial. If there was a trial, the all white jury would convict the innocent party. Lynchings were the preferred punishment for killing convicted innocent African Americans. When there was to be a lynching, the whole town, including children, gathered to watch, and if there was enough time to spread the word people from out of state would come too. These lynchings were thought to be a kind of celebration where an outsider would have thought it was a holiday. People would even have pictures of themselves by the hanging body, and bought bones as souvenirs.

The way that African Americans were treated makes my blood boil. I believe that those people who treated blacks this way were a bunch of jerks who needed to be bullies in order to feel powerful. It was totally wrong that the African Americans were forced to put up with this unfairness. What is even worse is the thought that black people are inferior is still around today. I hear so many racial remarks from the people I care about, and I feel like screaming. The people who make these remarks have not suffered from anything a black person has inflicted on them, and I feel that these remarks are totally unnecessary. African Americans have not done anything to deserve the unfair racism they get. Americans are the ones who brought them here, and made African Americans victims of prejudice. The main difference between Caucasians and African Americans is skin color, and that difference has been used to justify evil sins that will never fade away.

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dopestnerdalive said...
Oct. 4, 2008 at 8:06 pm
this is so tru. im a teenage african american girl so of course i get the worst of it
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