My perspective on Voting in 2008

September 26, 2008
By Raquel MacFarlane, Marion, MA

This is a big year for me. It is big for me because; I have turned eighteen, graduated from high school, will be learning to drive and most exciting of all: I can vote in the November election.

This is a big year for our country as well for in this year’s election history will be made. We will either have our first African president or the oldest president (so far) with the first female vice president.

Some people have told me that they will not be voting because they feel that neither candidate is qualified for the position. Others have said that they will be voting with race or gender as a factor in their decision-making.

I would like to share my perspective on voting.

Race and gender are not factors for me. What influences who I vote for is whether the candidate is competent, has the necessary experience to lead our country, can render decisions without being bias or partial, and most importantly, that the candidate loves our country and will do the best he can to serve it.

I will now share my honest opinion about both presidential candidates coming from my perspective above.

Obama the Democratic presidential candidate has not served in the senate long. I feel that he does not have the experience to lead our country. Secondly not to sound racist: if Obama was elected President it would be highly unlikely that race will not be a major sway in his administrative decisions. I am concerned that he will be bias because of this. Last of all, having attended a church that hates America for so long, does not tell me that Obama loves our country even with all its shortcomings.

McCain the presidential candidate has served our country in the armed forces and has suffered bodily harm in doing so. Having served our country with such sacrifice he shows the character that is needed to be a leader. I feel that he would represent us well and he would be fair.

I hope my opinion has been of help and that I have provoked some thought. I encourage teenagers like me that are able to vote to do so!! We have a voice too and voting is the way for our voice to be heard.

The author's comments:
the reason why I wrote my opinion about the fall election in that I do not hear alot of teenagers opinions and thoughts of the politics surrounding this election. I wanted to let other teenagers know what I was thinking and i wanted to express my political mindset.

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