Obama and McCain

September 24, 2008
Barack Obama and John McCain.

Who are they? A lot of people don't really know but there are many similarities and differences between these two candidates. Just listen to the following and you can decide who you want to lead our country.

The first thing that I will start with are the differences between McCain and Obama.

The first person I will start with is the Democratic candidate, Barack Obama.

A lot of parents are concerned about education. Mr. Obama wants to improve education. Some things to go along with him improving education are to provide good schools for younger children. Things he wants to do are pay teachers more and to treat them more professionally. Haven't you noticed how parents want their kids to go to good colleges but they do not have the money to make this happen? Well, Obama wants to make college free for high school students who have a b-average or better.

Another thing he wants to do for the world is to help stop global warming.

Also, people are very worried about high taxes. And they should be, as they keep rising. Well, Obama wants tax cuts so if he becomes president of the United States taxes will not be so high.

The last person I will be talking about is the Republican candidate, John McCain.

Because of the many immigrants to the United States, legal citizens are losing their jobs. McCain wants to secure the borders so that this will no longer happen.

Governmentally, McCain wants reform and he also wants to promote alternative energy and different measures for drilling for oil.

Some people think we are having trouble with our armed forces. John McCain would like to strengthen them. Also, he wants to eliminate unnecessary federal education but promote better education for America as a whole.

The last thing I will talk about are the similarities between the two candidates of which they are a few.

First of all, they both want to improve education and pay teachers more and treat them more professionally.

They also want to promote alternative forms of energy.

Lastly, both of these candidates want to help eliminate global warming.

In conclusion, whoever wins the decision to run our country, it will be a good decision.


Because they both want to help our world and give people a better education.

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