Another Article About Hate

September 24, 2008
By Anonymous

There is one question I have wanted to ask for a very long time, actually a couple but they all fall under the same general heading. Why do people hate other people? For whatever reason, whether it be sexual orientation, gender, or nationality; why? I used to think it was because of differences but then these people have told me they just don’t like them.
Now I admit I am no saint. I have said and done horrible things in my life but I admit to them and I admit they were wrong. But why can’t other people see how much different we are and enjoy that? I have always hated that whole cliché, “We are all alike deep down…” or however you say it. No, we aren’t we are different. We like different things, we are different things, and we want different things. So why do people hate that so much?
I’ve had people come up to me and ask me if they can call me the most heinous names, people I’m really close to in fact and I would hope wouldn’t want to call me those things. So why do you need to? Why do you feel the need to call someone a retard or a cracker? Does it give you power? I know it does. I’ve done it and I’ve felt on top of the world but then I came crashing down because I realized that the only thing that kept me happy was being able to put others down? But I’ve gotten over that. I’m really happy. And I didn’t put anyone down. So why am I happy? Because I don’t hate.

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