My Favorite Place: New York City

July 14, 2013
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My Favorite Place: New York City

New York City! Your probably thinking, why is New York City her favorite place? Ever since I found out my own god-given mother was from Long Island and some of my favorite singer/ actresses were too. I knew I could make it there. Now that i've moved across the country from Oklahoma to New Jersey. It doesn't get any better!

Why do I like it?

I like NYC because of the people. I'm in love with them. I notice that people from the East Coast are very aggressive. I noticed actors in movies, being very brusque and yelling at other characters. Even though I am totally not like that,I want to have that type of aggressiveness. They also don't care about other's perspective. They have their own mindset. My two favorite attributes of the people are their amazing accents and boldness. I also enjoy the smells, sights, feeling,sounds, of NYC.

Sights of NYC..

In reality NYC is a city that never sleeps, and is literately filled with bright lights. That brings me to the sights of the Big Apple. When I travel to New York for fashion camp, I see various forms of mass transportation. Such as cars, taxis, buses and of course the famous Subway. Skyscrapers are a big part too. One thing I also observe are the people. I see fashion styles that contain vibrant colors and erecting tones. What's also really sad is the vagrants,located on almost every street corner. Begging for food or money. To cheer me up, my mom takes me to the nearest street vendor, and attempts at a good bargain. If you ever go to New York, make sure you check out the nearest attractions. Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty and Central Park.

Do you hear that?

The prime component of sound in this city is honking. If your on the crosswalk or anywhere, you hear a honk from either a taxi or car. Secondly, it's music. Music is big here! I once came out if Penn Station to be welcomed by a loud, drum band at 8:30 in the morning. They were dressed in black outfits and looked like high school or college students. They were pretty good! Lastly, is yelling. People here do not talk soft. They are aggressive and yell. They also don't care whose looking. Cars and sirens wail wherever you are. that concludes your sounds of NY.

What's that smell?

Okay this is a little disturbing! You can skip this if you want. Pee, yes I said it. In New York, if you travel by subway or on the street, you usually smell pee. It's definitely not the best smell. I think no one in New York reacts because their so used to it. Secondly, you smell the food. The street food specifically. I smell the yummy hot dogs and sauerkraut. Plus, the burning pretzel, and sweet cinnamon roasted nuts. Sorry for making your mouth water!

Mixed Emotions

When you arrive in NYC, they are so many emotions. Here are some: anxiety, rushed, pride and anticipation. I know I felt it all of these, especially anxiety. The first time I ever traveled to NYC, I felt I was going to offend somebody, or at least having something bad happen to me! Luckily everything went okay! Secondly, I felt anticipation. Oh, you feel something great can happen anytime. Because you are in the great city of New York. At least that's what I felt. Lastly, the feeling of pride! You may just be a traveler but you feel that you fit in this wonderful city. Your accepted by anyone, no one judges you! Excuse my rant! This is why New York city is my favorite place in the world.

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