Reality vs. Fantasy

July 9, 2013
Reality is such a drag sometimes I wish I could jump into a book or a movie.
For the people in there have much better endings and happier lives.
Here in reality we get cheated on, hated, and the worst of all broken down because of those who are jealous of us.
In stories people find love even when it is rare, they find a reason to live even when living is hard.
The real world is harsh to us because we are a little different, or maybe we are too perfect, or too smart.
The fantasy world welcomes those differences and perfections and they definitely welcome the smarts people have to offer.
The truth of it all is that we write or read what we want to have in life, but we don’t often get so please be nice and be yourself even if you are ridiculed because you never know what you are going to find around the next bend.

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