Why being beautiful is an insult

July 4, 2013
Fashion is everywhere, from media to gossip to everyday life. But just because we don't follow the trends, must we be insulted? Believe it or not, people insult others just because of what they wear. When I started wearing the headdress, some of my friends encouraged me to take it off. It is a sin to take it off in my religion but I was constantly pressured to take it off. But after a few days, they stopped. When I vacationed to Jordan, I was always told about which clothes goes great with my headdress because of the color match. It is a real hassle for me because I am constantly pressured to look "fashionable" or face the threat of having people talk behind my back about how I look. Teens just like me try to look "fashionable" because people talk behind their back about their looks. The media and companies unknowingly sometimes encourage it, from Mattel to Hasbro,who use fashion as a way to sell their products. But teens don't feel fashionable because the style that most people say is "fashionable" might not be that person's style. We always encourage people to be themselves and be unique, but sometimes it is easier said than done.

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