We are Leaves

June 19, 2013
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Have you ever gone on a walk on a nice beautiful day and picked up a leaf? Well I have. Honestly if you just walk outside and pick up a leaf that would work just the same. Any who, when I picked up this leaf on one of my walks I was about to just tear at it and sprinkle it on the ground, but I took a quick look at the leaf before doing so and I stopped. I observed the leaf some more, and like always my mind started to wander. What I observed from the leaf was that there is two sides to it: one glossy and fanciful, while the other was dull and well not quite as fanciful. When I noticed both sides it made me think how the shell of a leaf is like that of a persons'. There is two sides to every person whether we want to believe so or not. Every person has that fanciful side that is shown to the public like that of a leaf, but they also have that hidden side which in most cases are a lot duller than the publicized one. Sometimes when you pick up a leaf you'll see holes in it from where insects have snacked on it. When you look at a leaf with chew marks on it you can see a little of the opposite side. Like I have stated before there are two sides to every person, but with interaction some can see the holes in a person. We see the publicized side, but a little bit of that hidden dull side. People will see the dull and try to solve what it is that's being suppressed. Some will come close and feel satisfied, but they'll never figure it all out. We are like leaves, leaves are like us, two sided with two different stories that some how intertwine and become one. We use "two faced" as an insult, but is it really? Because to be honest, we all are. No one person knows all of another person's soul as much as people would like to believe so. It's fictitious. People show what they want shown. Regarding trust they hand out some of their burdens sometimes even a majority of them, but never all.We are leaves, some with bigger bite marks than others but enough to remain leaves. Leaves with a fanciful side and a dull one.

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