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June 10, 2013
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When people blame shootings and violence on "violent" video games, it isn't really explored further than that because people will believe anything that they see on TV. Mothers and fathers should be the only deciding factor on what a child do in their free time, not society. Drugs, violence, and everything else that has happened in the past year is not video games. People don't realize that there is such thing as mental illness, they forget that not everyone thinks like they do. People need to think outside the box and realize that if you leave a gun outside of a safe, or give a child access to the Internet and they aren't completely "sane" they may research or do things that could potentially harm someone. I have been playing video games since before I could remember. I have never had the urge to harm large groups of people, let alone do anything illegal portrayed in a game. Some video games are meant to be as realistic as possible, and what makes people think that'll be anything less than violent.

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