Bedroom Stunts

September 17, 2008
If having two chicken pies on bed is your idea of a picnic then think again.Men have eventually developed a certain excuse trend-it is either business or some sport of eleven people chasing a ball. What about our time,we sometimes beg this guys to bed because they won't leave their playstations. We want some special time with you guys.Go to movies and have a hot dog whilst gazing the moitre part of the moon. We miss that and it was fun.Hello! do you even remember how fun it is to be with us. We are not trophies and don't try to sweep the dust off us by some bunch of last minute thought flowers. I think i speak for many ladies.We want the business phones off and the television remotes under the couch during weekends.Though you find it stressful to shop with us im sure you can stand it if someone is asking if the shoes goes well with the hand bag,just once.

Just few moments to talk to each other and not the politics you utter before kissing goodnight. Guys we missed your poetry that had no stanzas, because that was sweet for the complete time. We are tired of drowning in chocolate to ease our moods and all the golf and expensive cars utterance.Having kids is great but not when meant to keep us preoccupied.GEEZ! it makes us feel like being a vegetable,probably a cabbage.

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