The Ideal Parent

May 23, 2013
By AndrianaAC BRONZE, Mundelein, Illinois
AndrianaAC BRONZE, Mundelein, Illinois
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That Perfect Parent

In the book the kite runner Baba had made a statement which was, “If I hadn’t seen the doctor pull him out of my wife with my own eyes I’d never believe he’s my son” page 23. An ideal parent is there for their child no matter what, gives them hope, and encourages. Baba is more about his pride in the book he is social person but doesn’t pay any attention to his son because of the simple fact that he is nothing like him. Amir likes to read and write. Baba his father wants him to be into sports like he is. He wants him to stand up for his self instead of having Hassan (which is their servants in the book) do it all the time.

A father who neglects their child and make them feel so unwanted that they sacrifice their friend ship just for their affection. For an example on how no matter how hard Amir tried to get Baba’s attention he was still thrown to the side; Amir would try to talk to his dad or try to get his attentionwhile he was in the smoke room which he always is and was told to got away because they were having adult conversation But then when he finally did something to make his father proud which was winning the kite running contest. It was at the cost of losing Hassan as a friend; sitting there and doing nothing but run away from his friend being raped. All he really wanted was his father’s love and his attention. Baba didn’t understand Amir and didn’t want to accept the fact that he wanted to be a writer. He even refused to read any of Amir’s stories.

The perfect parent would do the following: accept and encourage their child. He helps them become better at what they do by setting high expectations for them. Baba wants to push Amir to become a man and be successful so he is harder on him because of it. The perfect parent also gives unconditional love. Like towards the middle, farther in the book, Baba finally started to accepts Amir as being a writer. He had even had Amir’s wife sneak him a book that his son had written. Even when he was at the flea market bragging about Amir to the general about how he is a writer.

I don’t have a father around to be there and do anything for me. I grow up with a single mother who takes the place of my father and mother. Sometimes it’s just tough love that parents show. Baba is not all that bad he just wants his son to go farther in life and be someone important. Just as Baba does my mother also wants me to go out and be successful, learn to grow on my own, and become independent. Amir in the end became more of a man when he had went back to Afghanistan and found out about his old friend Hassan’s death. Also that he had a child but was token away and he had to get him back. At that moment when he took the task he became a man because the old Amir would have run. I have also became more independent I got a job now and starting to take on responsibility with school and taking care of myself and what I need to do.

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